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The seed for the business was planted in the year 2000 doing a few systems for people who found that off-the-shelf systems would not or did not work for them, and for people who have outgrown their existing rudimentary systems.

By the grace of God, and through hard work and dedication, the business steadily grew by word of mouth and repeat business, and was formally registered in 2004.

It has continued to grow and is still growing, slowly but steadily, and slow and steady is just the way we think it should happen.

We have had to and have been able to expand our services to not just developing systems, but also to host some of the systems for our clients. These are clients who require access to a centralized system from different locations, but who do not have the necessary IT infrastructure, or who prefer to outsource the hosting of their system. Our servers are dedicated to system hosting, and are hosted in data centres. They are therefore stable, fast and have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. The only requirement and limitation with hosting is that users have an internet connection, which must ideally (but not necessarily) also be fast and stable.

We do not use generic templates and wizards to build our systems. Every piece of every system is done or was done by hand from scratch. As mentioned, we enjoy what we do and take pride in what we do. We consider it important to control the entire development process without relying on some behind-the-scenes magic to do our work for us.

The systems might also not be flashy and blow your hair back with a plethora of fancy images and polished bells and whistles (which you probably don't want or need). We focus on making the system work for you as efficiently and reliably as possible within the prescribed environment.

Our focus is on developing data-driven back-office applications and solutions that will help the guys and gals in your offices (who do what needs to be done to keep the business running) to do what they need to do faster and better.

The aim is also not to develop systems that will replace people, but rather to assist you and your staff to get more done within the limited hours you have in a day, and to get things done with more accuracy.

We do limited development of websites, limited in the sense that we only develop websites where it can provide a meaningful additional way for you or your clients to interact with the main system.

We also do not develop stand-alone mobile applications. Here too mobile apps are only considered if it will augment an existing system, and where a website won't suffice, such as for example in cases where data needs to be collected offline.

This does not mean that our systems can only be installed and used in a formal office environment - our hosted systems can still be accessed using any smart mobile device.

Most of our clients are in the aviation industry either directly or indirectly, consisting of:

We also have clients in other industries, such as:

Our systems include solutions for the following areas:

Most of our clients are based in South Africa, but we have a few over-border clients based in Botswana and Namibia.